" Forty years ago, my parents left Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii.

They had enough of snowy winters, and my father Ray had had enough of academic politics - he resigned his professorship at the University of Michigan - and off they went to start a small macadamia nut farm.

Located at 1200 ft above the Pacific, on the slope of Hualalai volcano, the site had to be hewn from lava rock.

Land was cleared, trees were planted, a house was built.

Over the decades, the Tek Farm became an oasis of peace and calm among surrounding development.

It remains a "little island on the Big Island".


The farm happened to be located in the tiny microclimate and geographic location where Kona Coffee may be grown...ideal for producing some of the best and most exclusive coffee on the Earth.

There was enough acreage to spare, so we began the task of digging holes and planting seedlings a few years ago, with the help of friends and family.


Anne and I hand pick and select our coffee, keeping only the best cherry. All of our processing is done by hand, and our coffee dries in the sun before roasting to order in small batches.

We've left our home in Australia to be here, and when I'm not out on tour or in the recording studio, Anne and I are likely to be found out in the field. It's hard work, but we enjoy it, and find it very satisfying to be able to offer this great coffee."


Deniz and Anne Tek